lada-tavanOn my way to becoming a veterinarian, I somehow also managed to become a hedonist. Although it may sound a bit strange, it works together just fine. I believe that wherever there is good food and wine, you’re bound to find some good people nearby. So, that’s what I’m mostly doing. Constantly on the move; sniffing, tasting, touching, asking, talking, dancing, searching, writing, looking for “those moments”… and then all over again.

I have been writing about food & wine since 2007, and in 2011 founded a project Taste of Croatia together with 3 fellow bloggers. Since then we’ve tried most of fine Croatian wine, beer, food and traditional products and got to know the people behind them. It’s been an immense pleasure. Now we guide you through the best of it, according to your interests.

Lada is responsible for the Zagreb tours