Please be advised of the following terms and conditions when booking tours.

  1. European Wine Tours welcomes with open arms any person with an interest in wine, regardless of origin, race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.
  2. Wine regions can be rugged and with small, difficult access to some areas. If you have a mobility issues or some disability you think we should know about, please send us an email.
  3. The minimum number of people for a tour is two and the maximum is eight. This maximum exists as while tours for up to 25 people are possible, they don’t allow for the casual, intimate, memorable tours that we strive to create.
  4. Groups are not mixed. In other words, if you are two people, it will just be the two of you, if four, likewise. Many tour operators put together random strangers to maximize profits and it is something we just won’t do because of the tours we want to give you as mentioned in item 1.
  5. Wine regions tend to be a very meat-centric culture when it comes to food, so please advise us well in advance if you have any dietary restrictions for the meals.
  6. For transportation to the region, please see the transportation section for more information.
  7. Payment:
    • When booking a one day tour, a non-refundable deposit of 100€ or 25% (depends on the final total of the tour) is required to secure the date.
    • The remainder will be paid in full prior to arrival for the tour. This is unfortunately due to having had sudden cancellations on the day of the tour in the past which small tour operators can’t absorb.
    • Payments can be accepted via major credit cards or Paypal.
  8. Cancellations:
    • Prior to 30 days before the tour, you will receive a full refund of the initial payment.
    • Between four and three weeks before the tour, you will receive a 50% refund of the initial payment.
    • If requested within two weeks leading up to the tour there will be no refund unless your cancellation is due to unforeseen acts of nature (ie a tornado not allowing your plane to depart)
    • If the cancellation is due to an unforeseen problem on the guide’s part, you will receive a 100% refund of all payments regardless of the amount of time prior to the tour as well as profuse apologies, and alternate tour options if desired.